The picking of raspberries is generally done every other day, although in high temperature days picking can be done daily. Every raspberry is hand-picked under the supervision of skilled harvesting staff, directly into the punnet that the consumer purchases. High standards of food hygiene and crop handling are maintained throughout this process. The picked raspberry punnets are then quickly transferred to the coolstore to be chilled to 2°.

We pride ourselves on the ability of our process and staff to get the freshly picked raspberries into the coolstore within 20-30 minutes of picking. This short time frame from picked to chilled helps ensure a greater shelf life. The punnet is then processed through our temperature controlled packing shed. The punnet is individually inspected and check weighed to ensure that the correct weight is achieved. At Raspberries Tasmania, we always over-pack on weight. This allows for some shrinkage in the fruit that naturally occurs over the ensuing days. The raspberry will also ripen in the punnet.

At picking time any raspberries deemed not suitable for fresh fruit sales are snap frozen for future use in jam, ice cream and many other products.