Raspberries Tasmania is part of the Cherries Tasmania Orchard located at Old Beach in Southern Tasmania. It is owned by Nic and Traci Hansen. Nic Hansen is a fourth-generation orchardist from the strong Tasmanian Hansen orcharding family. His father Les, grandfather Harold and great grandfather Carl had a large apple and pear orchard on the Tasman Peninsula at Highcroft from 1896 right through until the early 2000’s. The Old Beach orchard, situated at Harvest Lane, was started by Nic & Traci in 2003. Large plantings of Cherry trees were planted initially which saw the orchard grow to 40Ha in size. Our Cherries are sold domestically through local Hobart outlets, Woolworths and Coles Australia wide. We export approximately 65% of our cherry crop around the world with the bulk of this directly into Asia.

In May of 2014, we purchased a neighbouring property on Baskerville Road of roughly 70Ha in size and have since developed this property at a fast pace. Today it has a further 40Ha of cherries planted and 7Ha of raspberries. The raspberries were first planted in the spring of 2015.

Total planting of the orchard of cherries is at 80Ha +/- with 7Ha +/- planted to raspberries.

We are family orchardists since 1896.