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About Us

Raspberries Tasmania is in the Southern Tasmania area of Old Beach. Southern Tasmania is a cool climate region, characterised by warm days and cool nights. The Raspberry farm in Old Beach experiences just these conditions and on most days also experiences the fresh afternoon sea breeze which cools the orchard down beautifully. It is these temperate autumn days and cool nights which allows the autumn raspberry to develop a full flavour taste. All our raspberries are grown in soil beds, believing this gives them a fuller flavour, and a far better eating experience.

Raspberries Tasmania only grow and harvest the autumn raspberry. As Raspberries Tasmania is part of our Cherries Tasmania orchard the two fruits complement each other very well. The cherry harvest starts in late November and goes until early February and then the autumn raspberry harvest starts in mid-February and goes until early May. No rest for the wicked…

At Raspberries Tasmania we are fully aware of the daily challenges in growing high quality raspberries for your consumption. Each raspberry is hand-picked, under the supervision of skilled harvesting staff, directly into the punnet that the consumer purchases. High standards of food hygiene and crop handling are maintained throughout this process.

Within 30 minutes of picking these raspberries are chilled to 2° in the coolstore. These punnets are then check graded in our own temperature controlled packing shed. We make every conceivable effort to ensure that your punnet of raspberries is in the very best possible condition, as if you had just picked them from the cane yourself. 99% of the time we achieve our aim, sometimes circumstances present themselves and we do not.

We are not perfect but we are working on it…

We are family orchardists since 1896.